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Tesla Owners Taiwan

Officially Partnered
with Tesla.

Established in 2016, and was approved to be partnered officially with the Tesla Club Program in 2018.

4000 Members

Positive growth since established.

50+ Offers

Various businesses in Taiwan offering specials or disconts exclusively to our members. From Chun Shui Tang, Jing Sheng Yu to the Grand Hotel, and many more!

Regullar Car Events

*Suspended during the pandemic period.

Connected , with the World

Our club leaders join online events hosted by the Tesla Inc on a regular basis, to exchange information and news with different clubs around the world.

Orders: Belgium, UK, Silicon Valley, Washington State and Australia.

High Quality Merchandise , All Here

We offer high quality Tesla accessories to our members.


Known for its high quality merchandise, and was recently awareded with IDA best packaging prize.

Free shipping


A Tesla media site in the US, the founder Vincent Yu is also a good friend with our president Michael.

Environmentally Friendly

Electronic Member Card x

No account needed, all you need is LINE.

Once the management approves your application, you can activate the electronic membership card right away and get all the benefits.

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First Hand News

TOT News team publishes news on a regular basis to our members on our Facebook page to keep everyone connected.