Officially Partnered with Tesla

TOT (Tesla Owners Taiwan) was founded in 2016 and became an official partner of Tesla Inc in 2018.

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The Benefits

Tesla Owners Taiwan provides an outstanding environment for interactions between the Tesla owners.

  • Free forever

  • A big family with more than 2,000 members
  • 13 Telegram channels

  • Average more than 500 messages per day

  • Channel topics include car, technology, cuisine and other discussions

  • Car Events
  • Discounts for hotels and restaurants in Taiwan

Connected to the World

Tesla Owners Taiwan has first hand news, and can share the latest news with other clubs globally.

Cutting Edge Technology

Tesla Owners Taiwan uses Telegram for our members, we have our own Telegram Bot, where all the verification processes are done automatically through the bot.

Awesome Merchandise

TOT Shop provides various products, all the logo printed products are approved by Tesla before they can be published on our shop.

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