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Next exclude, Reginald turned into an unpaid and you may began to inexpensive the latest Decks of their opponents shortly after the guy overcome them

Next exclude, Reginald turned into an unpaid and you may began to inexpensive the latest Decks of their opponents shortly after the guy overcome them

We know from the really students in this Heartland Academy you to Reginald wasn’t merely an experienced Duelist, plus a good bully. [1] He acquired the new nickname “Shark”, because he used a water-styled Deck and because the guy ripped their opponents’ Decks away from its give swiftly along with malice. Even after Shark’s methods, Yuma Tsukumo defended your, as he believes that everybody did something inside their early in the day that they feel dissapointed about. [19]

Pre-World Duel Carnival [ change ]

Shark defeated opponents at his college, delivering the Decks once they forgotten. Immediately following defeating Bronk Brick, the guy came across Yuma Tsukumo, who attempted to guard Bronk. Whenever expected exactly what their primary procedure was, Yuma informed your it had been their pendant. Shark torn the fresh new pendent off his neck and put they aside. Shark confronted him to https://datingranking.net/de/kleine-leute-aus/ a match, which have each other Yuma’s and you can Bronk’s Decks on the line. Yuma approved. [1]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL [ change ]

They Dueled around rectangular, which have Shark easily putting on a bonus with “Big Jaws” and you may “Aqua Spraying”. The guy cornered Yuma, then again this new “Numbers” have been create from the door. Shark was had of the “Number 17: Leviathan Dragon”, which he continued so you can Xyz Summon. [1] Because Duel evolved, Shark started initially to model having Yuma, getting their Lives Affairs down to a fraction. But not, Yuma managed to emerge from this with the aid of Astral, and you will managed to defeat Shark together with his “Number 39: Utopia” during the 5000 ATK, and therefore knocked Shark out. When Shark awoke, he provided Yuma Bronk’s Deck, keeping his guarantee. Shark mentioned that Yuma are unique of everyone which he have encountered before and you will walked from instead another term (in the dub, Shark claims “You really have a spot till following, Yuma”). [17]

Some time after the Duel, terminology out-of Shark’s defeat bequeath as much as school along with his reputation dropped. Fundamentally, he eliminated gonna college or university and then have stop Dueling, and you can was drawn in because of the a group led because of the Scorch and you can Chills, who installed aside within a discontinued arcade. One night, Shark is actually operating to your their bike, and you may prevented immediately after watching Yuma, staring at him just before driving away from. [42] 1 day, if you find yourself Yuma is actually later to college, Shark drove across a road into their cycle and you will nearly struck Yuma. Immediately after Yuma is actually belittled from the their family who accept that his victories over Shark and you will Flip were even though out-of their “Numbers”, the guy decided to find Shark and you will problem your so you’re able to a rematch, without needing the assistance of Astral otherwise his Wide variety. Whenever Scorch and Chills nearly harm Yuma along with his family members, but Shark told these to stay in saying he knows them. Adopting the gang let Yuma go, he challenged Shark, the guy would not Duel due to the fact their earlier losses in order to Yuma triggered your to quit Dueling. Yuma continued to chase Shark and you will irritate your of the requesting an excellent Duel until he acknowledged, Yuma choice Emperor’s Key towards the effect. Yuma didn’t use their “Numbers” and you can Shark advised him to accomplish this, thinking a win more Yuma instead of “Numbers” is meaningless. Yuma Summoned “Utopia”, and therefore Shark weak with “Friller Shark”. It let “Black colored Ray Lancer” negate its effects and you can ruin they, and therefore amazed Astral. Shark won with a direct attack off “Submersible Carrier Aeo Shark”. Shark grabbed the brand new Emperor’s Trick, however, put it on the floor as he stepped away from after he consider just what Yuma said on becoming loved ones. Prior to driving away, Shark advised Yuma one to Scorch and you may Chills offers your an area so you can fall-in and you may told your not bother him once again. [13]

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