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One another really gorgeous, but I might must look like Ava at the height regarding this lady beauty, she was unbelievably breathtaking

One another really gorgeous, but I might must look like Ava at the height regarding this lady beauty, she was unbelievably breathtaking

Sure r24, Ziegfield Girls exhibited Hedy at the girl most beautiful. I have seen later picture out-of the lady whether or not, and you may she had certain terrible cosmetic plastic surgery.

Ava had every thing – only take a look at stills away from this lady during the Pandora as well as the Traveling Dutchman. She met with the thinking as well.

R43 are you currently serious about Lana Turner? Lol. Definitely you simply can’t become really serious! Lana Turner is probably one of the most gorgeous Movie industry performers you to definitely provides previously starred in the fresh celluloid. Are you blind so you’re able to charm? Needless to say, that have to be! The young Lana Turner is actually probably one of the most stunning and you will nice pets of planet,she seemed thus fresh, thus simple and so nice even with this lady individual activities. Yahoo ‘Lana Turner and you may Steven Crane on a la Sky Feet during the Business Combat II’, assuming you see the lady if you discover they on the stoney cardio, slander the woman once again.

Once the Lana expanded old she failed to browse pathetic at all just like the you point out that she featured. The lady performances turned into a great deal more strong and her deal with old. She didn’t be unappealing after all! Of course, you never anticipate from somebody who is located at 65 or 70 to seem including the epitome out-of beauty, nobody is up coming! Delight perform me personally a favor and feature a tiny admiration for that girl. Despite her individual accidents and you may crappy solutions, Lana Turner try always attempting to make herself beautiful for others along with her of numerous insecurities didn’t build the lady aloof until she grew old and had unwell. To reveal their charm and trying preserve you to definitely beauty is actually quite hard inside fucking, indifferent globe i are now living in, very Delight end up being shorter down and dirty next time you decide to make otherwise say things.

Lana Turner young appeared to be dryer lint with bust, so when an adult lady appeared to be the sort of slag you’ll get a hold of seated during the an excellent tavern assured a grin becomes her a drink, therefore one unsuccessful a pathetic moan

Hedy: regal, best, a mental monster plus “the most wonderful woman in the world”. And you can a pleasant Jewish lady regarding Vienna!

Elizabeth Taylor advised Larry Queen, when he expected their who she think is actually the most wonderful lady into the Movie industry instantly said “Ava.”

Taylor continued to describe exactly how she’d never forget viewing Ava the very first time which itliterally grabbed the lady air away.

Ava Gardner has more of a recognizable lookup, and you can no one appeared to be the girl. Hedy Lamarr try beautiful frequently turns out Vivien Leigh.

Ava Gardner in her own youthfulness was an effective deity, and you can I’ve read profile out-of individuals who she are seem to also way more stunning personally, when you can believe

Ava and you will Hedy had things dykish and you can contradictory inside their face enjoys. Lana had not you to and so i vote also for Lana Turner. I favor all of these lady a lot, however we describe exactly what provided us to my choice. To each Their particular, at all!

When she strolled to your a room she turned into thoughts. Ava old rapidly from all the booze and you can smoking (and therefore at some point slain the woman on a comparatively young age) in the lady finest she is actually superb.

Ava and you will Lana= Great biochemistry They were close friends and they had much in keeping and you can the same preference in the anything and males and you may. other things you to definitely Goodness knows merely! When you look at the Cheryl Crane’s (girl out-of Lana Turner)biography regarding Lana, Cheryl mentions that Ava Gardner got offered bits of the lady individual precious jewelry to help you Lana as the a present and you will Cheryl mentioned that she is sure her mother got complete the same to have Ava.

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