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Psycho-Fear – “good pearl is actually a recovered wound

Psycho-Fear – “good pearl is actually a recovered wound

Many of us are become pearls” rethinking how exactly we remember mental illness a personal statue really works happening movie collage away from sounds

Defeat About Charm –The latest Monster At the rear of Charm is focused on slaying the brand new Beast from the inside – the fresh Beast you to enjoys you away from impression beautiful The fresh Beast At the rear of Charm explores the/your/my tale, about how precisely we alive inside out and additional for the, our relationship to Beauty compared to impact breathtaking: during the key it’s about our very own relationship to ourselves, the conscious and you can hidden selves*, to help you anyone else, our parents, our very own criterion, the body, our brains, our world, all of our obsession with appearance, having are an enthusiastic objectified product then objectifying ourselves all-in the name of being some thing we are generally (beautiful) but do not learn good documentary on the homeless, black colored, veteran, innovative who concerns a light child to own help

InvisibleSELF – brand new conscious verbal worry about ‘s the idea of your iceberg every the rest of the iceberg under the liquids ‘s the Invisible Thinking the fresh non-verbal worry about

Breathing Saved Living – Conversations with Amy Weintraub on the existence, living with depression and how breathing protected myself during the discussion that have geo geller

OCD – Prisoner in your Human anatomy, Race Within and you can Withoutjason was sensitive to help you their flash, color yellow, red and black

Restoring Eden – a genuine mythological low-linear low-facts facts – a crazy cover heartbreaking funny to an effective famouse german speaking artist, Hundertwasser mural titled Eden and exactly how heaven was missing

Felonism – convicted of a criminal activity, complete enough time, can’t get a position, and you can secured out from the future Felonism influences 70 mil Us americans – Ex boyfriend Swindle Having Beliefs Excerpt out-of operate in advances documentary because of the geo geller that have Andy Dixon & Linda Polk

ExercisingJudgement – how do so and you can workouts reasoning cut jeff pulver’s life and you will almost slain him at the same time a narrative away from conversion

Math/Science Muse – Talk which have Benoit Mandelbrot the daddy regarding fractals inside a snow violent storm and you may reputation of mathematics excerpt off Pondering the newest Imponderable having Howard (OmKnowledgist) Grow

Howard (Omknowledgist) Bloom (Portrait – Genius, jesus and you can beyond) Albert Maysles (“Divine Accidents”), Benoit Mandelbrot (Talks which have Benoit Mandelbrot inside a snowfall Storm), David Waldor (Insanity And you can God), James Kusel (Music Saved My entire life, conversations with Bi-Polar Incur James Kusel), Howard Flower (Contemplating the fresh new Imponderable), Josif Curry (Serpent Charmer – a romance story from the boxing that is not on boxing), Andy Dixon (ExCon That have Beliefs, Often (Will Who Won’t – a black colored homeless verteran, cutting edge pertains to a light guy getting assist) A great.J Croce (My Link to Audio), Issa (operating title Autopsy out-of Damed), Jeff Pulver (Exercising Judgement) Shalhavit mais aussi al (Beast Trailing Charm), Nercy (Alchemist Chair), George Stoney (work with advances term), Ultra Observant (Watching the brand new Attentive), Jason Figueria (Psycho-Phobia), Mackenzi (Portrait), David get a sugar daddy KS Granirer (Laughs Me personally), Shelton McElroy (portrait), Rivky (Portrait out of Rivky), Issa (Portrait), Anjana (Other side Of Battle), Senka (Other hand Regarding Battle), Daria (Contrary Away from War), Lee (Portrait and you will Malaria tale), Taylor Krauss (Portrait), Joseph Laine (Matrimony Fotographer), George Stoney (Portrait), Zan Asha (Portrait & Bee Remaining), Elena Camerin More youthful (Portrait), Colonel ay Ipson (Portrait -Holocaust Survivor out-of Kovno Ghetto, Lithuania), Restoring Heaven (Portrait), Lucifer (Mythical Discussion with Lucifer aka Satan, the brand new Devil), Isabel Behncke (Portrait & The condition of Empathy), Danny Schechter (Portrait & Within my Personal Revolution), Bill Cunningham (Images Portrait – New york Moments Trend Photography), Amy Weintraub (Breathing Conserved My entire life), GEwIZ (Portrait – GEwIZ tunes collaboration ranging from Geo (geller) and you may IZ (Issa Ibrahim) Portrait out-of Helen Geller Observing Isroel Kogan – Hanukkah Identifying Times Ditta Van Egten (way more so you can character’s ahead – this is simply a rule of one’s iceberg of men and women)

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