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Would Girls Like Baldness Males? a€“ The Major Tinder Experiment

Would Girls Like Baldness Males? a€“ The Major Tinder Experiment

One of the greatest worries of men that have began balding is actually if ladies will nonetheless locate them appealing.

You’ll find individuals who claim their hairline does not matter with regards to attracting ladies, and additionally others that say it does matter, A LARGE AMOUNT.

We wished to see a convenient and efficient way of accumulating information from a great deal of people, so we ous internet dating software Tinder.

The Experiment

(The chap is balding within the earliest group of photographs, so we photoshopped your generate the profile making use of full head of hair)

We kept every single variable of the pages continuous except the hairlines to ensure that we could truly try the result in the various hairlines, without different variables influencing the data.

As soon as the profiles had been arranged a nd in place, we changed the options to exhibit girls within a long time of 18-30 and a sensible point of 15 kilometers.

We opted for that age groups because it presents the bulk of ladies on Tinder, plus we desired people that were a lot more discerning with respect to looks (as more mature ladies are expected to focus on more traits).

All of our focus were to attain 10’000 swipes per visibility across 10 towns, making it 1000 swipes per area. With 10’000 swipes, our very own information was statistically considerable to attract a great realization.

We been able to “take a trip” to every one of these simple different urban centers with the use of a Tinder Gold membership, enabling you adjust the situation to anywhere we wished.

Each profile have a special collection of 10 towns avoiding dilemma among females truth be told there ever since the users are the same (excepting the hair).

However, we swiped in the same nations or very similar types to get the many precise data possible (example London vs. Paris, Moscow vs. Saint Petersburg).

We stayed in each city for about 24 hours to gather as many matches while we would, subsequently managed to move on to another location one throughout the number.

Should they didn’t beginning a conversation within seven day time-frame, we might start the discussion ourselves with a straightforward “Hi”.


After checking out the earlier techniques for every 20 metropolitan areas (10 per visibility), we experience the whole process of accumulating the maximum amount of information as we could.

We have found a fast summary your conclusions as well as 2 cake charts showing the key features from the information we compiled:

Bottom Line & Summary

Because demonstrably noticed – how many suits, discussions started by women, and responds were clearly tilted in favor of the man using the complete locks.

So fundamentally, female Would pick guys with a full locks more appealing. You can argue that’s not the case in every circumstance, but it’s at the very least on Tinder and other similar online dating sites as well.

We’d a principle that creating a complete tresses enables you to show up more youthful, that also alerts an entire selection various other desirable characteristics to ladies.

We unearthed that the common era guess for all the balding man is 32.6 and 30.7 for any guy with a complete locks.

Hook differences, but probably not very great to point that lookin more youthful ‘s when it comes down to difference of success on Tinder.

But – as an appealing area mention, the pace of ladies initiating the dialogue and opener response price was in fact greater for your bald profile (while you watched into the graphs above).

This may be as a result of Disabled dating services women viewing this man as a “less dangerous” option which wasn’t just on Tinder for gender.

In summary, it is plainly safer to need the full tresses if you’d like to be more attractive inside sight of women.

When you ever had an argument with a friend about whether getting bald or dropping hair affects the probability with women, you’ve got the solution.

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